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Sensemaking, Storytelling, and Visualization

Our clients often tell us: Please help us reduce complexity. Sadly, we won‘t be of much help. Because for us, complexity is nothing to be afraid of. An old system theory principle says: variety absorbs variety. In order to beat a soccer team, you need at least as many players as your opponent. If you want your company to succeed, its strategy must match the dynamics of the outside world. Not everything fits into the BCG-Matrix. Reducing complexity is like amputating superpowers. So please don‘t confuse simplicity with clarity. Good math teachers are able to explain the binomial formula to a monkey. Bad ones couldn‘t teach basic arithmetics to Professor Einstein.

Yet, when not handled with care, complexity can be overwhelming and costly. Which is why we suggest reframing complexity – rather than reducing it. Using logic, storytelling and visualization techniques, we give wings to whatever piece of information you‘re dealing with. And we make sure it arrives safely at its destination.

Usually, we reframe in three steps: Facilitation, Sensualisation, Mobilization.


During Facilitation, we help you analyse and understand your message. Using logic, structure, writing, and managerial principles we help you not only separate the wheat from the chaff, but also prepare the former for the baking process and add a few missing ingredients. The big question is: Does it make sense? Whether it is a strategy, a scientific theory or a product description – it needs to be coherent and well-structured.




During Sensualization, we transform your content into something that transforms your audience: A story. Using every possible storytelling technique out there, plus a plethora of other reframing instruments – e.g. metaphors and visualizations – we make sure it sticks. Because the question is not only whether it makes sense, but also if its sensual enough to touch your target‘s heart.


And finally, during Mobilization, we mobilize your target groups. With the use of customized animated videos, interactive posters, video games, and interactive platforms we help you engage and interact with the people you care about the most – making sure they are on your side and act accordingly.


V.I.T.A.M.I.N.S.-Quality Check™

(the TM is a lie, but we did come up with this shit ourselves)

Well reframed content is:

Visual: it is visible, interlinked and aligned spatially.

Interactive: it challenges and engages its recipient.

Truthful: it is faithful to its source and doesn‘t try to spin straw to gold.

Adaptive: you can change it over time and adapt it to different audiences.

Metaphorical: it creates meaning and understanding through alienation.

Insane: it is bonkers, sexually charged or funny.

Narrative: it is an emotional story.

Sound, structured, stringent: it is all of it.