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Zense GmbH
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Strategy Mobilization

9 out of 10 corporate strategies fail – often due to weak communication. We help companies reframe their strategies in order to make them stick. As a result, employees and other stakeholders not only understand and embrace their employers‘ strategies but also act accordingly. As of today, Zense has helped many Fortune 500 companies move forward. Our SWISS Case, for example, is even taught at Swiss and German Universities as best practice for strategy communication.

I want to see that!



Internal Communication

Organisations can be noisy places. Whether you want to promote a new project management tool, inform on new communication guidelines or adjust your corporate culture, you need effective tools to hear and be heard. With animated and real life video, interactive media, leaflets and posters, and of course real life human interaction, we help you cut through the noise and engage your audience in unprecedented ways.

Cut the bullshit and show me some examples. Please.


Thanks to a lack of both sense AND sensibility in western education, we have learned to find our own ways to make things glitter, even if it they aren‘t gold. Throughout our studies, we have not only worked with summaries, mindmaps, and memory palaces to make sense of dry contents, but also turned powerpoint presentations into creative outlets and boring papers into engaging stories. At Zense, we are more than happy to help you translate science into entertainment. Our animated science series «Little Green Bags», for example, has reached close to a million hits on youtube – and counting.

Show me, don‘t tell me.



Advertising, Branding & PR

Reframing complexity also comes in handy when reaching out to the outside world. We help organisations – companies, NGOs, parties and agencies – find good stories and make them great – thanks to a a wide range of facilitation, storytelling and visualization techniques. Hopefully, numerous international awards and happy customers speak for themselves.

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And then there is l‘art pour l‘art. Growing up with Spielbergs, Franquins and Zemeckis, we at Zense feel the urge to share our own stories – whether it is through books, graphic novels, films, video games, TV shows, or animation. Let us know if you have a great idea to flesh out, a platform to fill or some money to pee upon.

L‘art pour what?


We create, produce, and implement

  • Educational videos
  • Presentations
  • Infographics and informative illustrations
  • Graphic Recordings / Graphic Minutes
  • interactive infographics
  • Commercial and corporate movies
  • Creative giveaways
  • Mobile, web, and intranet games
  • Employee engagement concepts
  • Blended learning concepts and platforms
  • Workshop materials of all kinds