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Schooling for EveryoneSchooling for Everyone

Schooling for Everyone

In light of the current refugee crisis, schools are facing tremendous challenges. What can schools administrations and teachers contribute to...
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SWISS Staff FoundationSWISS Staff Foundation

SWISS Staff Foundation

For Swiss International Airlines, Zense has produced a pro bono project. It helps explain the concept behind the SWISS Staff...
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ELPRO Vision

ELPRO Vision

ELPRO, a manufacturer of Monitoring Systems and Dataloggers, asked us for a combination of two films. The goal was to...
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The automotive manufacturer Audi has asked us for support with the communication of their corporate responsibility measures.
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NAB Strategy: VisualizedNAB Strategy: Visualized

NAB Strategy: Visualized

In collaboration with a project team consisting of representatives from HR, IT, communication and strategy development, we have structured, reframed...
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Sander GroupSander Group

Sander Group

Sander-Group is a unique German full range supplier for food-market-services. Full range supplier? Food-market-services? An interesting business model which have...
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